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100 year timeline of plantings, collections & events...

Secrest Arboretum, OARDC/OSU

First 50 years...

1908... Beginning of Forest Arboretum with forest & ornamental plantings at the Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station. 1901 first plantings were set out leading to a wide collection of tree species from many parts of the world. Edmund Secrest (Aug. 24, 1882- Nov. 28, 1949), OAES 1906-1947, founded the Arboretum and initiated planting and culture studies to make Ohio more "tree conscious". Dr. Secrest said, " expect that many species will fail under Ohio soils and climate conditions and a number of exotic species will give promise of value for forestry, ornamental, and shelter-belt use"

1914-18... Large red oak stand planted and many significant ornamental conifers from Biltmore Nursery... and "reestablished a forest of exotics and natives from seed & seedling catalog nurseries"

1916... Planting of the rare Green Spiral Firs... the two parent ‘Green Spiral' discovered in the Arboretum and named by Harold G. Hillier, England, 1975

By 1920... A research nursery raising seedlings for out-planting

1932... 540 species in the Arboretum

1937... Ohio Trees, Forest Dean, the Agricultural Extension Service, OSU, "of Ohio's 26,073,600 acres of land, approx. 25,000,000 acres originally were covered by forests; cleared 20% during first century

1942... Living Herbarium of Taxus, PI* L.C. Chadwick; "Chad", OSU 1929-1967

1948... Received seed of historical Dawn-redwood exploration of 1942

May 1950... Name change to Secrest Arboretum, honoring Dr. Secrest, father of Ohio forestry; by Olliver D. Diller (1905-1984); OAES, 1937-1970, Curator, 1950-1970

1951... Arborvitae collection and first major crabapple planting, 60 taxa along Arboretum roads

1953... Forest genetics research program initiated... H.B. Kriebel, Eastern White Pine, Populus, Sugar Maple Racial Test of 16 sources and Red Oak studies

Mar. 22, 1955... 70 mile-an-hour gale destroyed 212 trees of 26 species

June 13, 1957... Forest Day, Plot E-2 dedicated honoring F.W. Dean

1958... 50th Anniversary, "a well-known sylvan showplace at OAES, nearly 1,300 species, varieties, hybrids & cultivars have been on trials, subsequent development resulted in an impressive assemblage of living trees with enduring appeal", John E.Aughunbaugh, OAES Forestry

1958... A prostrate mutant, Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Ohio Prostrate', discovered and named by Robert Mingus & H.B. Kreibel

Oct. 1958... Dedicated Wood Utilization Research Laboratory

Next 25 years...

1959 to present... Observe crabapples and record data, initial PI Chad

April 19, 1963... Violent storm, 426 trees including 39 species shattered, root sprung & overthrown

By 1964... 1,647 species, hybrids and cultivars had been tried

July 1, 1965... OAES changed name to OARDC

Sept. 14, 1966... Dedicated Rhododendron Display Garden at a 7.5 acre site in Walnut Hollow; Great Lakes American Rhododendron Society participating; Mrs. Edmund Secrest and granddaughter, Edith represented

1966... Ohio Shade Tree Evaluation Project in conjunction with eight Ohio Electric Utilities companies; Ohio Chapter, International Society of Arboriculture; Ohio Nurserymen's Association; all partnered. PI's Chad; Ken Reisch; Phil Kozel (1940-1978), OSU, 1968-1978; and Davis Sydnor

1969... Ollie's Hollies, Great Lakes Chapter, Holly Society of America

1969-1974... Williams Rd. Crabapple Planting, PI Elton M. Smith

Jan. 1970... Frank F. Meyers Wood Saucer Collection showcasing over 500 woods

early 70's... Research initiated with balsam fir, Canaan Valley, West Virginia source, PI James H. Brown

June 1970... Garden of Roses of Legend & Romance, gift of Mrs. Samuel J. Forbes and Joseph J. Kern in memory of Michael H. Horvath

1972-1985... Secrest Arboretum Notes, John Ford (1914-1984), Curator, 1972-1984

1973... Boxwood Collection

1974... Dwarf Conifer Collection, Victor Ries Memorial, Ohio Assoc. of Garden Clubs

1975... Green Dr. Crabapple Planting

Oct. 1, 1975... International Taxus Symposium, Horticulture Series No. 421

May 1976... Study of the Genus Taxus, OARDC Research Bull. 1086, Chadwick and Keen; R.A. Keen, M.S. Thesis, 1947 and Ph.D. Dissertation, 1956

May 29-30, 1976... 17th Annual Rhododendron Show, Great Lake Chapter, American Rhododendron Society

1978... Characterization of Malus species & cultivars using scanning electron microscope, Julia Martens, M.S. Thesis, OSU

1977-1979... Study of crabapple for pollinating commercial apples by PI's R.M. Crassweller. D.C. Ferree, and E.M. Smith

May 23-24, 1981... 22nd Annual Rhododendron Show, Great Lakes Chapter, American Rhododendron Society

by 1982... 150 crabapple taxa, evaluated for disease resistance, PI, Elton M. Smith

1982-1984... M.S. Thesis, Shade Tree Evaluation Plot, Insect Communities on London Planetree and Honeylocust, Daniel A. Herms, OSU

Last 25 years...

1984... A mutant Taxodium distichum ‘Secrest' discovered and named in Arboretum James N. Karcher, OARDC Grounds Manager

1984-1993... National Crabapple Evaluation Program... PI's, L.P. Nichols and Fred Buscher , one of 15 sites nationally, eventually 21 NCEP sites in 18 states and D.C.; initially 28 taxa replicated, 14 taxa added and replicated in 1994

Aug. 8, 1985... 1st International Ornamental Crabapple Symposium

1984-85... Crabapple Cultivar Preference of Plum Curculio, PI's Steven R. Alm and Frank Hall

1986-87... Juniper & Deciduous Shrub Evaluation, PI's David Shetlar, Jim Chatfield, C.Wayne Ellett, Ken Cochran

1987-88... Crabapple fruits as hosts for oviposition of Grape Berry Moth, PI Roger N. Williams

Aug. 3-5, 1988... "Capture the Spirit of Achieving", American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta, Midwest Regional Meeting

Jan. 23, 1989... Taxus Video, Chad and Taxus research, PI's Randy Nemitz & Ken Cochran

June 1989... Exchange in Holland and Germany

June-Sept. 1990... William Mwinga & Waswa Patrick of Kenya in Arboretum

1990-2000... Cut-branch Studies of Deciduous Holly, PI's DaveFerree, Ken Cochran, John Schmid, Gary Anderson

June 1991... George Gund Foundation planning grant, Sandra L. Lueschen, OSU Development Officer

July-Aug. 1991... Judith Lytle of Jamaica in Arboretum

1991-1996... Taxus and Taxol, Compilation of Research Findings, Dec. 1999. Special Circular 150, OARDC, Edited by Robert C. Hansen

July 31, 1992... Secrest Volunteers, Jack A. Miller, Strasburg, founder

Dec. 1992... Secrest Arboretum Task Force, James E. Swasey, Chair, Peter Bristol, Robert Cook, Kathleen VanDevere, Dale Manbeck

1993... Begin monthly crabapple evaluation, PI's Jim Chatfield & Erik Draper

1994... Secrest Arboretum Volunteers LTD, a 501 (c) (3), Jack A. Miller, First President

May 1994 to present... Plant Discovery Day, first Saturday of May

1995 to present... Cooperation in IR-4 Project, USDA-ARS

1996-2004... Green Times, Jack A. Miller, Editor-in-chief

Sept. 1997... Exchange in Poland

1997-2006... Secrest Schools... five plant themes

1997-1998... Crablandia II comprised of 63 taxa initially planted & replicated of a planned 80 taxa

Aug. 21-22, 1998... 1st Annual Plant Health Care Workshop, initiated by John Lloyd

July 1998... 1st Annual Night Insect Walk, host, OARDC Entomology graduate students

Oct. 17, 1998... The Clematis World, Szczepan Marczynski, of Warsaw, Poland

1998-2003... Crabapple Rootstock Study, PI's D.C. Ferree, J.C. Schmid, K.D. Cochran

July 1999... Install Water Garden, Ohio Native Garden, Jack Miller Discovery Garden

Aug. 2001... Submitted Strategic Plan, Skip Nault, Chair

Oct. 19-20, 2001... A Crab Odyssey, Jim Chatfield, President IOCS

2001-2002... Corneliancherry Juice Blend, PI's Joe Scheerens and Ken Cochran

Oct. 26, 2001... First Secrest Arboretum Council, Wolf Schmitt, First Chair.

Dec. 2002... Beginning of Friends of Secrest Arboretum, 50 1(c) (3)

2003... Letter to Ohio General Assembly from the Ohio Nursery Landscape Association... "Crabapple cultivars generate tens of millions of dollars in wholesale revenues for Ohio nurseries each year. This was not always the case, as important diseases resulted in reduced demand. Market demand for crabapples was revitalized by research at OARDC Secrest Arboretum that identified disease-resistant varieties. The research created a higher-value product for the consumer while decreasing production expenses for the grower"

2003... Designate James A. Chatfield and Secrest Arboretum the International Cultivar Registration Authority for Ornamental Malus, by International Society of Horticultural Science

Aug. 9, 2003... Schollenberger Dedication, John D. Ong, U.S. Ambassador to Norway, Keynote, "Importance of Research in American Life"

Sept. 2003... Master Plan, Myers-Schmalenberger, $4.5M proposed

Oct. 2003 to present... Autumn Discovery Day, first Saturday of October

Nov. 2003... Theme Gardens & Growing for You Development, a doable project of $850.00, John R. Meyer, OSU Dir. of Development

2004 to present... Science of Agriculture Day & Bugs World

2004 to present... Growing for You Development, Shawn Cleveland, OSU Development

2004 to present... Bi-monthly Bird Walks, Greater Mohican Audubon Society

April 2005... Wooster Rotary sponsored Russian delegation, in Arboretum

2005... Design Theme Gardens, Impullitti Landscaping, Inc.

2005... Install Phenology Gardens, OSU Extension at Wooster & Secrest Arboretum

July 2005... SALSA begins, Joe Cochran, Program Coordinator

2005-07... Install Secrest Theme Gardens, Unique Collections Garden, Paved Circulation Walkway, Terraces and connecting Walkways, Butterfly Hummingbird Garden, Water Garden Enhancements, Songbird Garden and Sculpture Interludes

Oct. 11, 2006... 1st Why Trees Matter Forum, OSU Extension Center at Wooster & Secrest Arboretum

2007... College of Wooster Study of, Larix gmelinii, PI's Tyler Moore, Nathan Malcomb, and Gregory Wiles

Oct. 6, 2007... Ribbon Cutting, Secrest Landscape Gardens

Nov. 2, 2007... President Iajuddin Ahmed, People's Republic of Bangladesh and his wife Dr. Anwara Begum visit Arboretum

Dec. 14, 2007... 23rd Session Secrest Council, Paul Pfeifer, Chair

In 2008...

Secrest Arboretum... •Celebrating 100 years

•Phase II Growing for You Development, Secrest Center, Dave Nielsen and Wolf Schmitt, Co-chairs

•Why Trees Matter Research, PI's Jim Chatfield, John Conglose & Ken Cochran

Installations and Ribbon Cuttings... •Nielsen/Herms Discovery Pavilion

•John Streeter Garden Amphitheater

•Buehler Interlude Garden

•SeamanOrientation Plaza with restrooms