Welcome to Secrest Arboretum!

Look at, learn about, and love the plant life around you. Over the past 100+ years, we have grown into an expansive 110 acre outdoor laboratory and landscape garden. Theme gardens feature over 2,500 varieties of woody and herbaceous plants, highlighting varied ecosystems and best landscape practices.

Arboretum Hours: Dawn to Dusk, 365 days a year

At Secrest, our beautiful theme gardens illustrate the use of style, color and texture within plant habitats to establish a sustainable landscape. Enjoy our gardens and discover plant selections for yours. Stroll our paved walkways through forests and meadows. While you are here, check out the Fortress at the Hogs-back, embankment slide and pavilion complete with giant frogs, tortoises and more...for kids of ALL ages! Make the most of your environment by spending time in ours.

Well-behaved pets on leashes are welcome in the arboretum. Please do not allow children or animals to play in, or drink from, ponds and water features.




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