88th Ohio Plant Diagnostic Workshop

The program will include Arboretum experts, including Paul Snyder, and Jim Chatfield (retired and retiring), and distinguished entomologists including Dan Herms, Joe Boggs, Denise Ellsworth, and others, including all of you. We will include horticultural, plant pathological, and entomological problems and opportunities.

We will have a near infinite number of samples in the Pavilion and in the living Arboretum. Remember the words of Pelinor of Buckland and the 1st Earle of Pome-roy: ‘Diagnosis of plantes of the heathe and of the moors is humankind’s most pressing passion, penetrating to the very heart of darkness of Nature gone wrong.”

Mini-Presentations include:

  • Galls Divided Into Three Three Three Parts – Joe Boggs, OSU Entomology
  • New and Not So New Disease Profiles – Jim Chatfield, OSU Emeritus
  • Plants Are The Key to Diagnostics – Pau Snyder, OSU, Secrest Arboretum
  • Pollinator Potentialities – Denise Ellsworth, OSU Entomology
  • Trees and Climate Change – Dan Herms, Research VP, Davey Tree Expert Co.

ISA, ONLA and Master Gardener credit eligible. Lunch and materials provided.