Introduction to Watercolor Painting

This workshop is designed for beginners who have little or no experience with watercolor.  It is designed to introduce the student to the basics of working with this wonderful medium.  Topics include: the importance of brush handling to achieve certain effects, mixing paint with water in various ratios to achieve different colors and values, and understanding color theory and applying it to painting. The day will consist of several hands-on exercises, including explanation and demonstration. Questions and class input are encouraged!  A small group setting creates an easy, casual environment, with individual one-on-one feedback for each student.  Class size is limited, registration required.  Fee includes the use of ample paint and watercolor paper. Everyone will be using the same paint, paint colors and paper throughout the day for consistency when performing the exercises. 

Students provide the following supplies:

  • #8 or #10 round watercolor brush (a quality brush, designed specifically for watercolor). If you do not already have a brush, any art/craft store should carry them; expect to pay around $10.00. 
  • Other brushes you may have, but the #8 round brush will be enough for today's workshop.
  • Plastic paint palette
  • Plastic mixing tray - some palettes have mixing areas built in; an old white dinner plate or a plastic lid will do. You need something in which you can mix paint and water freely.
  • #2 pencils and soft eraser
  • Container for water - an empty cottage cheese container works well (nothing smaller).
  • Spritz bottle
  • Paper towels
  • Don't forget your brown bag lunch!