Captivating Coneflowers!

July 20, 2020


We invite you to enjoy our new Coneflower (Echinacea) Trial Garden featuring over 100 varieties of this popular, summer-flowering perennial.  A kaleidoscope of flower colors from white and pink to fiery shades of orange, red and yellow demonstrate the proliferation of Coneflower breeding over the last two decades.  Over 300 individual plants grace the north end of the former Rose Garden as part of a 3-year evaluation to determine the best coneflowers for our area.  Horticultural traits such as winter survival, growth habit, flower quality, disease resistance and pollinator visitation will be recorded and published as a service to our visitors, students and industry collaborators.  Secrest Arboretum has a rich history of plant evaluation and we are pleased to kick off a new era of relevant, practical research!  

COMING SOON: Check back for a list of coneflower varieties, bed map and details on how to vote for your favorites!