All Things Secrest: Fall 2023

All Things Secrest

Inside this issue you'll find updates from the curator, featured plant, person spotlight, what to do in your garden, and much more!

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From the Curator

  1. Removal of the old water garden

    This past summer was quite horticulturally eventful at Secrest.  Two major garden projects absorbed a large propo

Featured Plant

  1. Acer triflorum fall color

    Acer triflorum, three-flower maple, is perhaps our favorite tree for fall color in the arboretum, but I am getting ahead of myself. Acer triflorum is a 2022 Secrest Select tree based on its excellent performance in the arboretum.

Featured Event

  1. Vernal witch-hazel seed

    One of the things we do at Secrest arboretum is collect seeds from plants in our collection to grow and offer for sale or to give away on Arbor Day. This workshop is designed to help you learn how to collect,

Friends of Secrest

  1. Secrest Select Tree, Amur Maackia

    Friends of Secrest Arboretum president, Bob Everett, gives updates detailing how FSA is helping support Secrest Arboretum through the Secrest Select program, Autumn Discovery Day, WCCF grant, and more

Person Spotlight

  1. Vella King, Arboretum Volunteer.

    An enthusiastic problem solver, Vella King enjoys giving back through volunteering.

Secrest Arboretum Master Gardeners

  1. What is a Secrest Arboretum Master Gardener?  We are folks like you, with a passion for plants and gardening and a desire to serve our communities.   Our initial core horticultural training and volunteer work provide us with a framework of plant knowledge, which we bui

Seasonal Tasks

  1. Volunteer removes spent flowers on spirea.

    Ever wonder what you should be doing in your garden? Keep reading as master gardener volunteer, Susan Heady, teaches you what to do month-by-month in your garden.


  1. Winterberry Holly

    Winterberry holly sale is coming soon. Learn more.

Coming Events

  1. Autumn Discovery Day

    Find arboretum workshops and events for the rest of the year.


    September 13 - Guided Tree Walk, 1 PM to 2:30 PM (Welcome Center)