Hydrangea Trial at Secrest Arboretum

Hydrangea Trial at Secrest Arboretum

Hydangea trial at Secrest Arboretum

In 2020 Secrest Arboretum (located at 40°46'56.4"N 81°55'10.2"W; USDA Hardiness Zone 6a) began a six-year evaluation of select Hydrangea paniculata cultivars. The primary goal is recommend superior taxa based on the following observations: floral display (Panicle characteristics, panicle length and width, bloom period, faded flower quality, scent, and early, mid and late season color) ability to attract pollinators, foliage rating, and overall plant habit (including height and width).

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Volunteers plant hydrangeas at Secrest.

Cultivars under evaluation: 
'Bokomarus' Magical® Ruby Snow
'Bokraflame' Magical® Candle
'Bokrathirteen' Sweet Summer
'Bokratorch' Magical® Flame
'Bulk' Quick Fire®
'Burgundy Lace' 
'Chantilly Lace' 
'Dragon Baby' 
'DVP PINKY' Pinky Winky®
'Hpopr013' Candelabra™
'HYPMAD I' White Diamonds®
'HYPMAD II' Tickled Pink®
'ILVOMINDY' Mega Mindy®
'Jane' Little Lime®
'Kolmakilima' Moonrock™
'Kolmavesu' Flare™
'Le Vasterival' Great Star™
'LeeP1' White Wedding
'LeeP2' Moon Dance - SPRING 2021
'LeeP3' Unnamed
'Little Lamb' 
'Paszam' Passionate™
'Phantom' Tidal Wave™
'PIIHP-I' Baby Lace® 
'Pink Avalanche' Pink Avalanche
'Pink Diamond' 
'Renba' Berry White®
'Rendia' Diamond Rouge®
'Renhy' Vanilla Strawberry™
'Rensun' Strawberry Sundae®
'Silver Dollar' Low Tide™
'SMHPCW' Strawberry Shake™
'SMHPFL' Fire Light® 
'SMHPLQF' Little Quick Fire®
'SMHPMWMH' Candy Apple™
'SMNHPH' Little Lime Punch™ - SPRING 2021
'SMNHPK' Fire Light Tidbit™
'SMNHPM' Quick Fire Fab™
'SMNHPPH' Limelight Prime™
'SMNHPRZEP' Zinfin Doll® 
'Summer Princess' 
'White Moth' 
'WIMS RED' Fire and Ice