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  1. Dry Conditions, Not Diseases, Affecting This Year's Soybean Yields

    pathologist, said some soybean plants collected from fields showed evidence of viruses. Researchers are testing ...

  2. Managing Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle Focus of OSU-Hosted Meetings

    in Hocking County collected over a two-day period. "And once they get into the walls, it's ...

  3. A Snapshot of Migration: How one Mexican village is benefiting from its impacts

    attitudes, beliefs and values that instill progress for the collective rather than for the individual. ...

  4. Ohio State Agriculture, Medical Researchers Test Berries as Cancer-fighters

    Over the course of the trial, study coordinators collect blood and urine samples to assess how fast ...

  5. Ohio State Crop Scientists Discover Gene That Controls Fruit Shape

    looking at the entire collection of tomato germplasm we could find, we noticed that there were some ...

  6. OARDC, OSU Extension Join Effort to Fight Ash Pest Found in Ohio

    of a dangerous exotic pest of ash whose presence was confirmed in Ohio Feb. 28. Larvae collected ...