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  1. Interspecific hybridization in Phlox

    collection of 243 accessions, comprising both feral and cultivated taxa, has been assembled at the Ornamental ... accessions, provide an assessment of the genetic diversity within this core collection, and also facilitate ... germplasm collection priorities that target  Phlox  populations exhibiting desirable characteristics. Our ...

  2. Genome size and ploidy in the germplasm collection

    An extensive survey was done of the genome size in the germplasm available for Coreopsis, Phlox and Rudbeckia, to examine the pattern of cytotype variation within each species and determine the natural occurrence of polyploids in these plants. Zale, P. an ...

  3. Characterization of Rudbeckia germplasm

    genetic gaps and duplications within the collection, and may be useful in determining whether genetic ...